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Pulau Macan


The two gorgeous islands, Pulau Macan Gundul and Pulau Macan Kecil are the tropical paradise located in Kepulauan Seribu province, off the North West Coast of Java.
With only 88 minutes to reach the island from Jakarta, spending time in tropical paradise between your busy life is not only a dream. You can be spoiled with the beauty of cozy, clean, and great food and beverages provided by the Eco-resort.
Snorkel around the blue lagoon, and dive with us to Matahari, Tongkeng, Melinjo, Papatheo shipwreck and many more islands of your choice. Experience the perfect getaway from the hectic of the city yourself! 


Back to Nature 
Feel the island breeze. Smell the sea aroma while you’re going through the green pine wood on the way to your hut.


Unique Driftwood Hut 
Special hut that Pulau Macan Eco-resort provides. Free your mind and enjoy the warm ocean winds blowing, while you spend time relaxing. 


Sunset View 
Place for Sunset lovers This is it. The place for you who love watching the skies until the sun sets. Enjoying your drinks. Chitchatting with your friends. Capturing the ma- jestic sunset with your gadgets or with your own eyes. Indeed. This is the right place for you!


Papatheo. From the edge of a wreckage.

One of the favorite destinations of diving, Papatheo Shipwreck, a cargo ship sunk in 1981. Located in front of the island, originally named Petondan Timur. If you want to go there, you need to wake up early for a great experience diving around the shipwreck on its best tide and visibility at 7-10 am. From Pulau Macan, you will enjoy ±30 minutes sailing through the beautiful Thousand Islands until you get to Papatheo Island. If you’re advance divers, you can try a deep dive until 32m deep. Beginners will go until 15meters in average and see the body of the ship. Some fish like Snapper, Butterfly, Cardinal, Angel fish, Wrasse, Surgeon fish, Moray eels, Fussilier, Scorpion fish you can find around there.


Coral Reef you can see surrounding the island.

Snorkeling around and watch are acceptable, but please take good care of these pretty reefs!

Course in this Centre

* 2x class sessions

- SCUBA history

- SCUBA equipment

- Diving Physics

- Marine Biology

- Dive Tables

* 3x pool exercises

- Pretest: swim for 200m and water treading for 10 minutes

- Skin diving (snorkeling)

- SCUBA diving techniques

Including in this course:

- Boat transfer from Marina-Ancol/Pantai Mutiara (return)

- 4 dives

- SCUBA gear

- Boat diving

- Dive master/instructor

- Hotel Eco Resort on Macan/Tiger Island

- Breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner

PS: Class and pool session will be done in Jakarta